Monterio & Company have acted as real estate lawyer for over one thousand clients in sale, purchase, refinance of their residences. We are well-versed with assisting our clients to find both best mortgage rates, and the best real estate agent to assist them with finding or selling a specific property.

In addition to residential realty servicing, we also assist buyers and sellers of commercial properties. Whether you are purchasing an apartment building, a strip mall, or a warehouse, we help you obtain property with minimal risk to your future plans for the property. We also work to ensure that our clients who sell properties receive payment on a timely basis upon the sale of their property and that the completion of the sale takes place as scheduled.


Real estate law covers estate planning, zoning, property taxes, deeds, and titles. We specialize in real estate law to ensure that legal procedures are followed when acquiring or selling a residential or commercial property. At Monterio & Company, we offer our clients an unparalleled degree of professional expertise and timely advice.